Client Testimonials

We asked our clients about their experience with USA InterCargo, here's some responses.

I have been working with USA InterCargo for several years now. 
This company has a very well trained, educated, and motivated staff that go beyond your requests to benefit the customer.
 Also, which is very important, they do follow up on unsolved issues making our job easier.
Additionally, comparing to other shipping companies, USA InterCargo offers very competitive pricing.
I would recommend using services of this company to anyone without any hesitation.
Hope they will continue to do as good job (buying/shipping vehicles) as they do now to our mutual benefit."
Destination: Kyrgyzstan


"USA InterCargo is the best shipper for me because: 
A) I like their excellent customer service and tracking system
B) They have 5 terminals in all parts of the USA, so I don't have to limit myself in the areas where I buy vehicles.
C) Container loading is very professional and safe, which gives me and my clients a piece of mind, no matter how expensive the car is.
Good job, USA InterCargo! Thank you!"
Destination: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

"USA InterCargo staff was patient, cooperative, and fair. There were no hidden fees or additional charges which is why I chose them. The price they quoted is the price we paid and I like that; upfront and honest."

Almaty, Kazakhstan


"What I like about USA InterCargo is the team work, fast response to customers, feeling the responsibility towards your tasks and customers business.


I also appreciate the strong reaction with your customers requests and the professionally in performing the tasks that leads to customer satisfaction.
Focusing on serving your customers, the feelings you grant to your customers that you want to win together."
Destination: Hodiedah, Yemen


"Having USA InterCargo transport my vehicle has been a breeze. I was given a good rate and Mr. Vardan Vardaninan organized the shipment very smoothly.

I will definetely use your services again and recommend you to friends and others who need cargo transportation. Thank you." 
Destination: Bulgaria


"USA InterCargo has excellent service, automated and modern system, fast and efficient response to our needs, and is the best freight forwarder. I've been working with them for several years and certify the above."

Destination: Bolivia


"Best Regards to USA InterCargo staff, especially the account manager, (South America), a great person, and very professional. All shipments reached me without any problem, the company is very effective, go ahead with the same accuracy and reliability guarantee."


Destination: Oruro, Bolivia


"USA InterCargo is the best and most reliable, responsible and reachable to several destinations. They delivered our cargo to Afghanistan via Karachi Pakistan with efficient and prompt delivery. I found them active at all my desirable destination whether Central Asia Via Lithuania Khujand, via Georgia Turkmenistan or UAE including other Gulf countries.  


My preference will always be USA InterCargo."
Destination: Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE

"I work with USA InterCargo - they will always answer my phone or email. Especially when you have problems with auctions or documents, USA InterCargo people will always try to help."

Destination: Hodiedah, Yemen


"I utilize the service of USA InterCargo to ship cars via container, and I am very well pleased and impressed of the employees (especially Romuald Ahon) dedication, integrity, honesty, commitment, and great customer's service.Thanks you USA InterCargo for making it easy to ship cars overseas."


Destination: Lagos, Nigeria 

"What I liked was the combination of great customer service, competative prices and technology of their tracking system. These guys are professionals."

Destination: Dubai, UAE

"After I stumbled with my previous shipping company I decided to make the switch and emailed a few shipping companies that were at one of the vendors website that I worked with for sometime. USA InterCargo replied fast with all details I was looking for. The details in their quote were straight to the point and didn’t have any unnecessary information...
...The one thing that I like most about USA IC is the friendliness of their staff and the speed in processing and replying to my requests."

Destination: Misurata, Libya

"I enjoy working with them because they have all the support and staff and facilities to made my export procedure more easy for me.
I am very sure that the people who work in the company USA Intercargo (included all facilities crew) are  very qualified."

Destination: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

"I am happy with USA Intercargo, I like their prices."

Destination: Misurata, Libya


"Why do I like working with USA InterCargo? First of all – people. Mindaugas and his team are great people and very high professionals. Second reason is work quality. USA InterCargo constantly innovates its corporation in different way – web innovation, new programs, user-friendly system for clients.  Also I like that in the client system I can see a great amount of perfect quality photos. And this is a very big advantage because other companies don’t offer such a great facilities.
Well, generally the things I like about USA InterCargo are – quality, great team, professionalism, carefulness, and attention to every detail.
I hope my feedback will be useful for you."

Destination: Klaipeda, Lithuania


"I like working with USA InterCargo because they provide me as a customer with an excellent customer service and reasonable prices.
I'll  keep doing business with InterCargo as long as keep up the good job."

Destination: Aqaba, Jordan

"Very simple reason I work with USA InterCargo - they will always answer my phone or email. I worked with different transportation company before, and they just ignore me. Especially when you have problems with auctions or documents, USA InterCargo people will always try to help. Thank you!"

Destination: Klaipeda, Lithuania


"My favorite part is USA InterCargo gives me login to website, where I can see pictures of my cars, and track when they pickup from auctions, and when they load containers."

Destination: Minsk, Belarus


"Different auto loading businesses can learn from USA InterCargo how to load cars into containers with no damage. Quality of loading crew is really high.
Customer service is top-rate."

Destination: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia