USA InterCargo Process


"How much does it cost to ship a container?"
"How do I buy used and salvaged cars from America?"
"Can you find parts for my cars?"
"What's my best option for sending construction equipment across the globe?"
"I want the ability to track my container 24/7."
"I need representation at an auto auction, plus help with export documentation and compliance requirements."
"Which would serve me best: container loading or roll-on/roll-off?"

Shipment costs, export requirements, unique customs scenarios: Whatever your question or quandary, we've heard it all before. What's more, we have the expertise to not only answer your biggest concern, but to solve it. It's no surprise, then, that hundreds of customers like you trust us with their cargo loading and exporting needs each month.
As it happens, most of our clients come from our competitors: They're intimately familiar with our industry and other providers – yet, they choose to entrust us instead. It's a privilege we've worked hard to earn. And it's why we've consistently doubled our cargo volume year after year.


Business is personal, and so are we.
We understand any lasting, significant success hinges on relationships – our relationship with you, with partner carriers, with customs authorities. It's why we invest heavily in personable, prompt and accurate response every step of the way.

We've built our people-first reputation one customer at a time, shipping automobiles, motorcycles, watercraft, construction and other heavy equipment all over the globe. Once customers come to us, they stay with us. And so our cargo volume continues to double each year.
Superior processes and tracking mechanisms
We're big enough to manage the intricacies of your global transport needs, and portable enough to deliver visual tracking of your cargo at your fingertips, whenever you want, wherever you are. With USA InterCargo, you get best-of-breed delivery systems for accurate, safe delivery of your cargo.
Geographic advantage
We're headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana – a location famous for its geographic advantage as a logistics hub. Plus, we have terminals at other strategic locations – Savannah, New York and Los Angeles – allowing for more efficient routing and delivery of your auto, watercraft or equipment.


Ask our customers and they'll tell you that if you've worked with USA InterCargo once, you'll work with us again. That's because when you invest in USA InterCargo, we invest right back into a long-term relationship with you through flawless delivery, one shipment at a time.
The ultimate outcome? Smooth, safe delivery of your cargo, naturally. Plus, the peace of mind of a job well done.
Wondering if we're mutually suited for the trip?

Contact us for a prompt, complimentary assessment. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your goals, questions or concerns.
Listen to our clients:
“Why do I like working with USA InterCargo? First of all – people. Mindaugas and his team are great people and very high professionals.

Second reason is work quality. USA InterCargo constantly innovates in different ways – web, new programs, user-friendly systems for clients. I like that in the [tracking] system I can see a great amount of perfect quality photos. This is a very big advantage because other companies don’t offer such great [capabilities].  

In short, the things I like about USA InterCargo are:  quality, great team, professionalism, carefulness, and attention to every detail.” 

Destination: Klaipeda, Lithuania

“After I stumbled with my previous shipping company I decided to make the switch and emailed a few shipping companies that were at one of the vendors website that I worked with for sometime. USA InterCargo replied fast with all details I was looking for. The details in their quote were straight to the point and didn't have any unnecessary information. I was ready to give it try. “

Destination: Misurata, Libya