After months of construction, planning, and preparation, we are pleased to announce USA AutoMarket is joining USA InterCargo at our headquarters in Carmel, Ind.

Joining teams will help all overseas clients with the car buying and shipping process. From searching for the right vehicles, to bidding, purchasing, and shipping, all office staff will now be in the same location assisting with faster communication for client needs.   

Since 2004, both companies, USA AutoMarket and USA InterCargo have been actively working together to proficiently execute client needs with automobile auctions and shipping.



  USA AutoMarket is a licensed auto dealer, established in 2004 in the state of Indiana, which offers remarketing solutions for US auto auctions, with access to all USA Automobile auctions including IAA, Manheim, Copart, Adesa, Richie Brothers, Iron Planet, and more.

USA AutoMarket predominately works with overseas dealers to help them find the right inventory at the right price. USA AutoMarket created a software solution to help those dealers find and bid on available vehicles from all USA automobile auctions.
For more information about USA AutoMarket, please 
visit them online.

USA InterCargo is the leader in auto logistics, with
five shipping terminals throughout the United States, specializing in international automobile, boat, motorcycle and machinery shipping.

USA InterCargo services include:
Auction Access, Container Loading, Transportation from Auction to terminals, Cargo Insurance,
Cargo Tracking, and Ocean Freight. USA InterCargo is also staffed with multilingual account managers, highly trained in International auto exports from the USA. To learn more about USA InterCargo, please vist our wesbite or
watch our video.

Please join USA InterCargo in welcoming Oleg Berezin, George Farafonov, and Rachel Hernandez to the USA InterCargo headquarters.


Posted: 03/17/2014

Meet all the USA InterCargo account managers and hear a personal message from each of them to you.
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Posted: 03/05/2014

From 2011 to 2013 USA InterCargo Logistics has increased the number of containers shipped each year. More automobiles are filling up ships leaving U.S. Ports, from US Auctions boosting revenue for vessel operators and, in turn, helping USA InterCargo clients save on shipping costs.

Besides the sheer numbers, the types of vehicles customers are purchasing are also changing, according to President of USA InterCargo, Mindaugas Balcius.

“There's a significant shift from salvage and accident vehicles to used vehicles that are market-ready,” Balcius said.

This means used vehicle auctions such as Adesa and Manheim should see a continued growth in customer base. USA InterCargo's concern is that these auctions might not be ready to accommodate online buyers from foreign countries, adjusting to longer wait times for wire transfers, or handling foreign-speaking clients. That's the reason USA InterCargo will continue with hiring and training multi-lingual staff and expanding on their technology solutions for web and mobile.


The breakdown:

From 2011 to 2012 USA InterCargo increased containers shipped 8.007%

From 2012 to 2013 USA InterCargo increased containers shipped 25.225%

USA InterCargo fully expects those numbers to continue to rise in 2014. This means lower rates for clients shipping multiple automobiles.


A few areas of growth for auto exports will be West Coast Africa and South East Asia. USA InterCargo expects a very strong demand in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Benin. Buyers from these countries continue showing up and bidding at US auctions. With their economies on the rise, USA InterCargo fully anticipates their buying power to get stronger.

“We are witnessing a similar story in developing Asian markets of Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand,” Balcius said, “The growth of the middle class means demand for luxury vehicles, so we expect a lot of used Lexus, BMW, Mercedes to be loaded in Asia-bound containers.”

According to USA InterCargo shipping line manager, Brandy Graves, “USA InterCargo has maintained steady rates for the past 6 months, and some areas have decreased (Jebel Ali, Aqaba, Jordan and Klaipeda, LT).”

Graves anticipates that shipping rates will remain steadily low through the end of February. After February she anticipates that the shipping cost patterns will stay consistent with 2011 and 2012.

“Because of our relationship with the carriers, some shipping companies received increases from MERSK and MSC, USA InterCargo didn’t,” Graves said.

Over the next year, one area of concern is the Russian market and other CIS territories. The respective governments in these regions have been adopting restrictive policies against used and new vehicle imports, either through raising import taxes, age and model restrictions, emission and safety requirements. These restrictions are market-wide, they impact all imports, not just vehicles form the US.

“We will continue monitoring the situation and adjusting to the new regulations,” said Balcius.

USA InterCargo thanks all of their customers and dedicated clients for their continued business. Because of USA InterCargo's strong and thriving client base, they have been able to grow year after year.


About USA InterCargo

USA InterCargo is the leader in international automobile shipping, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with four other terminals throughout the United States: Newark, NJ; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; and Savannah, GA. They specialize in shipping automobiles, machinery, watercraft, industrial equipment, and other cargo from the US to destinations all over the world.


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Posted: 01/10/2014

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc., IAA, released their new Market Value Tool for the iPhone in mid November of 2013 as part of its all-encompassing salvage analysis platform which allows buyers to estimate vehicle values. According to the press release, IAA is the first in the vehicle auction industry to release such a mobile market value tool. CSAToday customers now have the means to print, save, and share value findings on the go, right from their phones. The user friendly app allows customers to make easy, intuitive comparisons and estimate the value of their vehicles anywhere they bring their iPhone. It deals out information such as highest and lowest sale prices as well as the locations, dates, and prices where similar vehicles were sold.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to invest in mobile technologies that better anticipate and address our customers’ buying and selling needs,” said Tom O’Brien, chief executive officer of Insurance Auto Auctions. 

The application allows customers to scan, type, or speak the VIN number or year/make/model into the app and compare it to other vehicles that have been sold in previous IAA auctions. According to the press release, IAA looks at several points of comparison such as damage details, location information, vehicle specifications, and model options. There are also several intuitive filters on the app for damages, loss type, engine size, and more.

USA InterCargo is interested in which of our clients are using this tool, and which features of the app are the most helpful?

Download the app by visiting the Apple Store.  

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Posted: 12/09/2013

Besides speaking your language, we also speak a universal language: laughter. Watch the behind the scenes bloopers from the USA InterCargo "We speak your language," video.
Posted: 11/20/2013


USA InterCargo is an International Auto Shipping company with the ability to ship cars from the USA all over the world while you stay in touch with your good through CargoLoop technology.