Boat Shipping from USA - Boat shipping to Australia and New Zealand from USA


Are you looking for a shipping company to export your ski or wakeboard boat, yacht, jet-skis, sailboat, or speedboat from the USA to Australia or New Zealand?

Boat shipping from the USA to Australia and New Zealand is an effortless process with USA InterCargo Logistics. We are an International auto shipping company with multiple years of experience in handling big and bulky cargo, such as cars, heavy equipment and boats. We also have a full team of Account Managers who can provide fast and competitive quotes for your boats from USA to AUS and NZ. 

Local Transportation
In addition to ocean freight, we can also handle land transportation from a boat dealer or auction to the shipping terminal. We have long-standing contracts with trustworthy and puctual truckers who will get your boat safely to one of the outbound ports (Baltimore, New Jersey, Savannah, Jacksonville, Houston/ Galveston, Seattle/Tacoma). Get more details about local transportation.

Ocean Transportation
Depending on the size of your boat, we can offer one of these options for ocean freight:

- Loading inside standard ocean container (20', 40' or 45'). Some loading pictures could be found in our Project Gallery. This is the most economical way, but also comes with some side affects, such as potential scratches and dings. Image putting an 8' wide boat inside a 8' wide box. We will have to tilt it, maneuver it into place, and regardless how carefull our loading staff is, we do not recommend this shipping method for newer model, luxury watercraft. Spend the money, and ship via RO-RO or flat-rack

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- RO-RO (Roll On - Roll Off). Your boat has to be on a trailer, with functional brakes. The boat with the trailer will be towed onto a ship and tied down to secure for transit. The shipping cost will depend on the overall dimensions: longest, widest and highest points multiplied will get you cubic feet. The higher the volume, the higher the cost. That means removing or folding down any wake towers, swim ladders and platforms, folding the trailer tongue could save you money. We'll take care of that for you, it's part of our standard prep process. We might also need to wash and fumigate the watercraft, depending where it's been and where it's going. We can shrink-wrap it for extra protection. We got it, mate. Check out the Project Gallery of our recent RO-RO shipments.

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- Flat-rack. So you bought yourself a nice 35' cruiser or yacht without a trailer. Prepare to spend a small fortune getting it on a Flat-rack, getting it to the closest port and putting it on the top deck of a ship. Premium service, premium space on the ocean vessel, premium cost. One way to save is to two boats on a single platform. Sometimes that's the only option, we've done it before, and will do it again. Check out some pictures in our Project Gallery.

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Next steps: Send us a quote request with make, model, year of your boat. Also, we will need the dimensions. Pictures or manufacturer's drawings are also helpful. We want to have complete and accurate information before providing you with a quote.

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