Container Loading

Advanced, Secure Loading
When loading your vehicle or equipment into ocean containers, we use only the most secure and advanced lashing techniques in the industry. Our expert crew combines wood platforms, nylon straps (rated three times the weight of the vehicle), steel chains or cables to ensure the safest loading possible. We provide full container load (3 /4 / 5 vehicles inside container), or consolidated vehicle loading, where cars from different clients are combined inside one container.

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Required Documentation 
We’ll also serve as your Export Broker, handling all necessary documentation, reporting and compliance requirements.
You should note that the original title of the vehicle is required before your cargo can be loaded and any export documentation can be processed. (No exceptions, please.) You may include additional auto parts with the vehicle (we will list them on the Bill of Lading and Export Declaration for compliance and security reasons).
Combined Loading For Maximum Efficiency

Shipping multiple vehicles? We’ll ensure the most cost-efficient shipping possible by loading three or four vehicles in a single 40’ container. If shipping only one or two cars, we will consolidate your shipment with another client’s, ensuring the most economical way of delivering your cargo to its destination. 

  • Auto Loading inside ocean containers (up to 6 cars inside 45')
  • Dismantling and loading of trucks, heavy equipment and industrial machinery
  • Ocean Bill of Landing and U.S. Customs clearance
  • Container transportation (Drayage) up to port of laoding, or to client warehouse
  • 24/7 visual tracking of your container to its final destination
  • Transport and import assistance upon arrival at destination
Tools & Equipment:
Interior Dimensions
Door Opening
Tare Weight
Cubic Capacity
40’ High Cube Container
L: 12.056 m 39’ 6 ½”
W; 2.347 m 7’ 8 ¼”
H: 2.684 m 8’ 9 ½”
W: 2.340 m 7’ 8”
H: 2.698 m 8’ 10”
2,900 kg
6,393 lbs
76.0 cbm
2,684 cu. Ft.
40’ Dry Freight Container
L: 12.051 m 39’ 6 ½”
W: 2.340 m 7’ 8”
H: 2.380 m 7’ 9 ½”
W: 2.340 m 7’ 8”
H: 2.392 m 7’ 10”
3,084 kg
6,799 lbs
67.3 cbm
2,377 cu. Ft.
20’ Dry Freight Container
L: 5.919 m 19’ 5”
W: 2.340 m 7’ 8”
H: 2.380 m 7’ 9 ½”
W: 2.340 m 7’ 6”
H: 2.392 m 7’ 10”
1,900 kg
4,189 lbs
33.0 cbm
1,165 cu. Ft.

As always, you can expect
 visual tracking access day and night at the click of a buttonPlus, punctual, polite assistance from our personnel whenever you need us.