Shipping lines and loading companies do not have insurance for your cargo. As a valued customer, we want you to know the facts before you ship.

Facts about Cargo Insurance:

1. USA InterCargo insurance does not cover your valuable cargo, while in transit. If your container sinks to the bottom of the ocean, or catches fire, the maximum payoff will be $500 per container from the shipping line. You need your own insurance policy.

2. Accidents happen. Thousands of containers catch on fire, or drop in the water every year. If you don't have insurance, as the consignee on the Bill of Lading and cargo owner, you will be liable for full shipping costs and cargo recovery expenses, even if your cargo is destroyed or damaged.

3. The cost of insurance is minimal, and some customers already insure all their shipments. If you cannot afford insurance on every shipment, we strongly advise to purchase a policy on the most expensive vehicles. You can purchase Cargo Insurance through any insurance broker, or USA InterCargo can help you get a policy.

Insurance Policies:

Policies could be purchased on individual vehicles, or on full containers. Our policies are backed by Lloyds of London, the most secure and trusted insurance company in the world.

Ordering is simple, we only need the VIN number of the vehicle, and its declared value. The rest is handled by our Insurance Specialist.

Additional Details and Order Information: