Destinations - Shipping to Bahamas

USA InterCargo offers car export services from USA to Bahamas via following ports of loading (POLs):

Ocean container with final destination of Bahamas will be delivered to one of the following ocean ports: Nassau or Freeport.

We also offer Roll-on Roll-off service to the port of Nassau for oversized equipment, such as tractors, combines, excavators, graders, buldozers, asphalt and concrete machines, other agricultural and construction machinery.

Bahamas ports are served a by a few smaller regional shipping lines. Their schedules and service offerings change frequently, so please contact us upfront to get service listings and quotes before booking cargo.

Most vehicles, motorcycles and heavy machinery can be easily imported into Aruba without major goverment restrictions.

Please contact USA InterCargo Export Services department for the most current service offering and rates into Bahamas.